Stewardship of the Gospel

I had the privilege of speaking at my church one Sunday morning back in April of 2016.  Below are the notes I wrote up (it’s not an exact transcript) on the topic.  I hope this is both a challenge and an encouragement to all who read through it.  We will all certainly be held accountable

Rental House Restoration – Update

Here are some pictures from the progress dad is making on the rental house.  The base cabinets are finished, counter tops are installed, and the bathroom floor is coming along nicely.  Dad has also finished repairs on the wall in the bathroom and mom has been painting.  It’s looking better and better every day!

A Day at Arlington National Cemetery

On Friday, February 19th, my dad and grandparents traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend my great Aunt Jean’s burial service at Arlington National Cemetery.  It was a lot of driving in one day, but we were all very thankful we were able to attend and see family and friends from Texas.  It is an honor

Rental House Restoration…Day 4

One last day for me at the rental house.  Day 4 was all about getting as far as we could on mounting the base cabinets.  They were MUCH harder than expected.  Rather than leveling on one plane (the wall) like we did yesterday, the base cabinets had to contend with both the wall AND the

Rental House Restoration…Day 3

Day 3 at the rental house was all about hanging the wall cabinets.  We measured carefully, and were really fortunate not to have any mistakes drilling holes to connect the cabinets together.  By the end of the day, we had a pretty good rhythm down for mounting these.  Mom and dad were kind enough after

Rental House Restoration…Day 2

And the rental house work continues.  Day 2 was nice and sunny, and we were waiting on the paint crew to finish in the kitchen, so we decided to work outside and tear down the dilapidated storage shed in the backyard and haul it to the waste transfer site.  The mud was a mess, but

Rental House Restoration…Day 1

So I took a few days off of work to help my dad make repairs to a recently vacated rental house down in NC.  What a disaster – holes in the walls, a completely ruined bathroom floor (ruined by a leaky toilet that was not reported for WAY too long).  Day 1 consisted of tearing

And this is where it began…

Welcome to High Peak Road, our attempt to start a website and blog.  I figured I would start out my first post by sharing a video that our previous church played at a youth retreat a few years ago. I was just a volunteer that weekend helping with crowd control and some snacks for the